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Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Literacy Grant Winners!


OSLA LITERACY GRANTS $250 & $500 Awards

Applicants are now being accepted for 2019 Literacy Grant. We will award ten(10) $250 and five(5) $500 grants. Submit your application by NOVEMBER 1, 2019.

Application Deadline is November 1st 2019

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Over $3000 in Grants Given

We had a record number of applications for this year's grants! Ten winners from across the state were selected. Funds will support projects across the state to build up libraries and book clubs, support learning about women in STEM, promote diversity, & more. Winners include teachers, coaches, school directors, a volunteer library coordinator, a Boys & Girls Club Director, a parent teacher group leader, and more!

Read about how the projects turned out in the presentation on the right. See videos below from our $500 recipients to see the projects in action!

2018 Literacy Grant Winners
I Am Enough - Small.mov

I am Enough - Kammy Breyer

"We read the books and had many discussions about race, skin color, where we are from, what languages we speak and how we identify. One of my goals was to create a safe learning community where students can talk about themselves and feel that they are an important part of our class. I also believe it’s important to normalize talking about race, skin color and other things that make us different and the same."

Grassroots Books & Beyond - Renae Summers

"As a $500 grant recipient, my big idea was to create a leveled book-bag that students could take home to help them have new, interesting books to read with someone at home. The books would be in their Accelerated Reading level, and a corresponding computer test would give them points to use in the classroom (as well as building comprehension)."

Lit Grant Report Summers
Jen Schultz - Daring Greatly Grant Video.mp4

Daring Greatly - Jen Schultz

"I ordered all the books and the kids have been reading like CRAZY! We can't thank you enough for giving us the grant. It is helping us get through 2019 books... we have a lot more options thanks you OSLA!"

Interested in Applying for a Literacy Grant?

Literacy Grant application information is usually posted in September. Please check back in the fall!

Over 10 Years of Supporting our Members

OSLA has been supporting members' work in the classroom and community by providing Literacy Grants for over 10 years.

Learn more about past projects from our award recipients here!