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2023 Literacy Grant Application

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Congratulations 2022-23 Literacy Grant Winners!

2023 LIteracy Grant Slideshow

$500 Grant Winners

Mary Dietrich

Portland Reading Council

Social Issues Book Club

Emily Grant Molina

Portland Reading Council

Spanish Books for Heritage Speakers

Tomi Kluver

Portland Reading Council

Just Right Books (K-2 Decodable Texts)

Noelle Allen & Sean Gunn

Portland Reading Council

Resistance and Healing in the Face of Oppression

Marisela Mariquez Alonso (pictured) and Floricel Negrette

Vineyard Valley Reading Council

Family Workshops for Migrant Education Early Learning

Sarah Blattner

Portland Reading Council

American Voices Through Memoir

Christie Quinn

Portland Reading Council

Bookmobile Babe Summer Reading Camp

Caroline Oakley

Portland Reading Council

Reading the Rainbow (updated culturally responsive classroom library)

$250 Grant Winners

Jennifer (Gigi) Lundgren

Portland Reading Council

Orton Gillingham Instructional Materials

Hannah Russell

Three Sisters Reading Council

High Interest and Diverse Literature for Classroom Library

Julia Kirkpatrick

Portland Reading Council

Real World Perspectives: Organization Guest Speakers 

Ali Vaughan

Lane County Reading Council

Books as Mirrors, Windows, and Sliding Glass Doors

On Tyranny
Literacy Grant Presentation_Tomi Kluver

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