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Membership in OSLA

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What are the Benefits of Membership?

The Oregon State Literacy Association, previously the Oregon Reading Association, is an affiliate of the International Literacy Association and a professional non-profit organization dedicated to people who are interested in all forms of literacy and the promotion of lifetime literacy. Benefits of membership include:

  • Teachers As Readers Book Groups - Local council sponsored book clubs that focus on literacy topics

  • Literacy Grants – OSLA provides grants for classroom literacy projects

  • Patricia Gallagher Children’s Choice Picture Book Award –Students vote for their favorite title from five nominees. Book sets available through local councils to loan to members.

  • The Oracle – Online publication featuring articles on literacy topics and information on state and local council activities.

  • Lending Library – Access to current professional books and DVD’s focused on literacy

  • Conferences – Early bird notification on professional learning events featuring national literacy experts, authors, and small group presentations offering practical classroom strategies

  • Networking - Opportunities to network with other literacy professionals

  • Literacy Blasts - Bimonthly e-mail blast containing opportunities for professional development or community service

  • Literacy Community Service - Opportunities to support and participate in literacy community service projects

Membership Types

Professional Membership - $35/year: This membership is for teachers, literacy coaches, principals, educators, retirees, administrators, college of education faculty... or any community member interested in supporting literacy!

Student and New Teacher Membership - $20/year: This membership is for pre-service undergraduate and graduate college students, or teachers in their first three years of the profession.

How can I join?

You can join online or by mail. Click here!

Questions? membership@oregonread.org