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Literacy Position Statement

OSLA Position Statement on Literacy

Adopted by ORA Executive Board 8/2/15

The Oregon State Literacy Association (OSLA) strongly believes the purpose of a literacy program is to create lifelong readers, writers, speakers and listeners.

Learners need:

  • the power of choice and time to read and write.

  • models of good reading and writing.

  • environments that support students as readers and writers.

  • opportunities to talk about what they are reading and writing.

  • teachers and other adults who read aloud to them.

  • exposure to a wide variety of texts including magazines, flyers, recipes, maps, and more.

Schools and schooling should inspire students’ love of reading and writing.

Teachers need:

  • time to share passion about reading.

  • time and permission to read aloud every day.

  • resources to share a variety of texts.

  • opportunities to share what literacy looks like in the real world.

The Oregon State Literacy Association will actively work to bring professional development and other activities to support educators in the implementation of the above statements.