Patricia Gallagher Awards

Growing Literacy in Oregon

The Voting Process

  1. Check out the set of five nominated books from your local council.
  2. Students each vote for their one favorite title. Each student’s vote is reported, as this is not a class vote. Voting takes place between Sept. 1st and April 30th. Click here for a picture ballot. Click here for student ballot.
  3. Report your votes to Mickie French by May 1st. Email the total votes for each title and the school and grade levels that voted.

What is the ORA Patricia Gallagher Book Award?The award is a children’s choice award founded in 1997. It is named for Patricia Gallagher, a retired Western Oregon professor of children’s literature who is a former president of ORA. A member of the committee since the beginning, she has reluctantly retired from the committee. It is the goal of the Oregon Reading Association to promote literacy and a love of reading.

How are the books chosen? A committee that may consist of ORA leaders, school librarians, public librarians, teachers, and school administrators review and select the books. The books must be readily available in paperback, be no more than eight years old from the original copyright date (usually hardback), hold an innate appeal to children, and have quality text and illustrations. They should also qualify as good read-alouds.

Who may vote? Oregon school children of all ages.

When to vote? Voting will occur between September 1st and May 1st. Votes must be reported by May 1st.

Where to vote? Voting may take place in any participating classroom, school library, or public library in the state of Oregon.

Questions? Contact Mickie French @

2018-19 Lineup

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Patricia Gallagher Student Voting 2018-19

2016 Patricia Gallagher Award Winner

Past Patricia Gallagher Nominees

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