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Patricia Gallagher


Patricia Gallagher Award 2019-2020 Winner!

Interrupting Chicken

Patricia Gallagher Award Nominees 2020-2021

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What is the voting process?

1. Get the Books

Check out the set of five nominated books from your local council. Each council has sets for you to borrow!

2. Read the Books

After reading or listening to the books, students vote for their one favorite title. Each student’s vote is reported, as this is not a class vote.

Click here for student ballot.

3. Send in Votes

Report your votes to Mickie French by May 1st. Email the total number of votes for each title, as well as the school & grade levels that voted (or ages/library participating).

Patricia Gallagher Award Nominees 2019-2020

Before She Was Harriet
Interrupting Chicken
Flying Deep
Blue Sky White Stars
I'm Trying to Love Spiders

Patricia Gallagher Award Process

1. Check out the set of six nominated books from your local council.

2. Students each vote for their one favorite title. Each student's vote is reported, as this is not a class vote. Voting takes place between Sept. 1st and April 30th.

3. Report your votes to Mickie French at garmic2@msn.com by May 1st. Please email the total votes for each title, the school and grade level(s) that voted.

For printable information click here:

For Ballots click here:

Lesson Plans:

Congratulations, Mr. Mutt!

The votes are in! This year we received 7923 votes from children across the state for the Patricia Gallagher books.

The winner is Help Me, Mr. Mutt with 3242 votes!

Circus Ship received 1640 votes

Helen's Big World received 1590 votes

Pele received 1137 votes

If You Love Honey received 314 votes

Book cover: Help Me, Mr. Mutt!

2018-2019 Winner: Help Me, Mr. Mutt!

Written by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel, Illustrated by Janet Stevens
Book cover: The Circus Ship

The Circus Ship

Written by Chris Van Dusen
Book cover: Helen's Big World: The Life of Helen Keller

Helen’s Big World: The Life of Helen Keller

Written by Doreen Rappaport, Illustrated by Matt Tavares
Book cover: Pele, King of Soccer

Pele King of Soccer

Written by Monica Brown, Illustrated by Rudy Guiterrez
Book cover: If You Love Honey

If You Love Honey

Written by Martha Sullivan, Illustrated by Kathy Morrison

Who may vote? Oregon school children of all ages.

When to vote? Voting will occur between September 1st and April 30th. Votes must be reported by May 1st.

Where to vote? Voting can occur in any participating classroom, school or public library in the state of Oregon.

Questions? Contact Mickie French @ garmic2@msn.com

Learn more about the Patricia Gallagher Book Award

The award is a children's choice award!

Founded in 1997, it is named for Patricia Gallagher (photo at right), a retired Western Oregon professor of children’s literature, who is a former president of ORA (now OSLA). A member of the committee since the beginning, she has reluctantly retired from the committee. By awarding high quality children's literacy, and involving children in the process, the Oregon State Literacy Association (OSLA) fulfills our goal to promote literacy and a love of reading.

How are the books chosen?

A committee that may consist of OSLA leaders, school librarians, public librarians, teachers, and school administrators review and select the books. The books must be readily available in paperback, be no more than eight years old from the original copyright date (usually hardback), hold an innate appeal to children, and have quality text and illustrations. They should also qualify as good read-alouds.

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Past Patricia Gallagher Nominees

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