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3 Ways you can use Bottle Drop to Support OSLA

Oregon State Literacy Association is now in the Bottle Drop Give program. Bottles and cans turned into a Bottle Drop – Oregon Redemption Center can now be donated to OSLA. There are three ways to help OSLA earn money for literacy grants and professional development.

  1. Create or log in to your BottleDrop account and transfer refunds to OSLA at www.bottledropcenters.com

  2. Purchase blue collection bags and OSLA barcode stickers at a BottleDrop Center to fill and return. Blue bags are $2.00 per roll of 10 bags. Share with other teachers at your school, or family and friends.

  3. Help your local council fill blue bags. See your local council president for details, as blue bags were given out at the Oct. General Board meeting in Albany.

Thanks for helping OSLA by recycling your bottles and cans. Questions? Contact OSLA Treasurer, Katherine Inman. treasurer@oregonread.org


Membership dues help us provide high quality professional development, grants, access to a lending library, and more to members. See our membership page for more information!

Direct Donations

OSLA is sincerely appreciative of our direct and anonymous donors who have made contributions to support our work to grow literacy in Oregon. If you are in a position to donate, please send your charitable gift in the care of our treasurer, Ashley Servis.