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Oregon State Literacy Association is active and deeply engaged in Oregon’s educational landscape. Our committees, councils, and programs are the framework for volunteerism in our organization, where members work collaboratively to increase student engagement and success across the state of Oregon.

Our Councils Create and Celebrate Literate Communities!

Books for Christmas Cheer

Library access in summer and free books

Laundromat Libraries & Bear Fairs

Dr. Seuss Day

Free books table at Santa Mall with family choosing book

Family literacy promotion at merchants’ trick-or-treat, Free Books at the Santa Mall, Free books at the monthly food bank, stocking a little library at La Grande Middle School

Community Service Projects are funded by council grants, including Scots Readers at David Douglas School District, a variety of community lending libraries, and support for students' participation in Oregon Battle of the Books

Books on the Bus

Spinning wool during Ag in the Classroom program

Ag in the Classroom Program & Free books

Book Tree for Foster Kids