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Children's Right to Read

Children's right to read - March 2019
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Current OSLA President

Carol Lauritzen

Carol is a “mostly retired” Professor Emeritus at Eastern Oregon University

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What does Research say about Real Books?

November 2018
We are an International Literacy Association Affiliate

October 2018: Our organization’s new life as the Oregon State Literacy Association has begun. We are excited to be a full affiliate of the International Literacy Association. Just as we are beginning a new phase with our association, many of you are beginning a new year of creating readers and writers. I recently saw a photo of a Little Free Library. It was obvious that a child had painted it with many bright colors, decorations and positive slogans such as “reading is awesome” and “I love books”. But what really caught my eye was printed in bright blue, all capitals: YOU ADULTS SHOULD READ. Reading aloud to your students every day is one way to show you read. But equally important is to share with your students your personal reading. Do you have a favorite blog? How about the OSLA Facebook page? Or are you a news junky? Do you read magazines? What book are you intrigued with or finding helpful in your life? You provide a reading role model when you let your students know the range and depth of what you read. I hope you have a wonderful school year and find many ways to promote reading and writing in your classrooms.

Past-President's Messages

Picture of Nanci, past president, with gift
OSLA appreciates Nanci's service as president and her current mentorship and guidance as she continues to serves as past president for 2018-19
Copy of President’s Message - Nanci