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The mission of the Oregon State Literacy Association (OSLA) is to be a driving force for the development of literacy in our schools and communities and to foster a lifelong love of reading.

An affiliate of the International Literacy Association (ILA)

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Early Bird Registration has been extended to January 26, 2020

Looking for Continuing Education Credit through Western Oregon University?

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The cost is $80. Students can fill out registration papers at the conference. They can pay by check or set up an account at WOU.

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Registration for #OSLA20 is here!!!

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OSLA Community Grant Application

Due April 18, 2020

For a literacy project by the Council and for the community, schools, or classrooms. Application Deadline is April 18, 2020 or any time before then. Judging will be done by the OSLA Council Grant Committee-Beth LaForce-Chair *The Oregon State Literacy Association has reinstated Council Community Grants for 2019-2020. *Grants will be awarded to councils (not individual OSLA members) in the amount of $100.00 to be used to encourage literacy in their local area. In the past Community Grants have been used to help fund summer reading programs, books on the bus, purchasing books to be placed in restaurants, etc. *The Council will submit an article to The Oracle about the project and give a report regarding the grant activity and progress at the Leadership Meeting August 3-4, 2020.

Click here for application:

New Patricia Gallagher Award Nominees are available for 2019-2020

Before She Was Harriet
Blue Sky White Stars
Flying Deep
I'm Trying to Love Spiders
Interrupting Chicken
The Three Cabritos

Patricia Gallagher Award Process

1. Check out the set of six nominated books from your local council.

2. Students each vote for their one favorite title. Each student's vote is reported, as this is not a class vote. Voting takes place between Sept. 1st and April 30th.

3. Report your votes to Mickie French at garmic2@msn.com by May 1st. Please email the total votes for each title, the school and grade level(s) that voted.

For printable information click here:

For Ballots click here:

Lesson Plans:

Kids' Votes are in for Patricia Gallagher Awards!

Children across Oregon voted for their favorite children's book. This year we received 7923 votes for the Gallagher books.

The winner is Help Me, Mr. Mutt with 3242 votes!

Circus Ship received 1640 votes

Helen's Big World received 1590 votes

Pele received 1137 votes

If You Love Honey received 314 votes

Learn more about the books & award
Help Me, Mr. Mutt! Written by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel, Illustrated by Janet Stevens
Helen’s Big World: The Life of Helen Keller . Written by Doreen Rappaport, Illustrated by Matt Tavares

Local Councils Give "Celebrate Literacy" Award

Every year, local OSLA councils honor teachers, organizations, and others with the International Literacy Association sponsored "Celebrate Literacy" Award to honor contributions to literacy around our state.

Read about the Umpqua Council honorees here.

New Issue of The ORacle is Published

The ORacle is the digital publication of OSLA. In addition to updates from our local councils, every issue features articles written by professors and professionals from around the state. Check out the new edition for articles about:

  • Academic language
  • English Language Learners
  • Secondary Reading
  • What's new in children's and YA literature
  • New member lending library books
Summer ORacle 2019 Vol 36 No 1.pdf
ILA children's #RightstoRead logo

"OSLA strives to be a part of the development of world-wide efforts to educate every individual to live a life informed by the great ideas available through reading."

Read the new President's Message from OSLA Carol Lauritzen to learn more about ILA's Children's Rights to Read and pledge your support for #RightsToRead.

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There are now three ways you can support OSLA with BottleDrop:

1. Transfer refunds from your account.

2. Purchase fundraiser bags instead of your typical green bags.

3. Help your local council fill bags.

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